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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Dental Marketing
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris joined the program when his business was at $0. In just 3 weeks into the program he has grown it to the $6,000 per month mark. He is still finishing the program and is excited what the rest of the program will help him with.


Hello. My name is Chris from Berlin, from Germany, and I purchased Sam's course about three weeks ago. I started out from zero, with no experience in consulting. I first have to find my niche, which is helping dentists getting new skilled employees via Facebook ads, because I found out that this is currently the biggest problem for dental practices in Germany. Through Sam's course I not only learned how to run those Facebook ads for my customers in a way I've never seen before. After buying a few Facebook course in the past from so called gurus, which never worked for me and cost me thousands of euros. Just the Facebook ads part in Consulting Accelerator was it worth to me to buy the course. But I also learned how to change my mind when it comes to struggles in business, because when you start out from zero, there will be struggles. I learned how to deal with it through Sam's course, and I also learned how to figure out the real problem of my niche the right way, and then turn my prospects to buying customers via phone, that simple. I just followed the instructions from Sam, starting from zero, and got my first client for 2,000 euros now, after three weeks, and have two more prospects who will work with me in the coming weeks, also 2,000 euro each. I highly recommend Consulting Accelerator, because it changed my life. I highly recommend it to all people who want to become independent from their currently job, who want to quit their job or ... Yeah. I just want to let you know this, and hope see you in the Facebook group of Consulting Accelerator, and wish you all the best.