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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Driven Women
  • Location: Victoria , Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Carrie was skeptical before joining the Consulting Accelerator and was looking for long term results other programs lacked in the past. She found inside the program she was able to land clients and is busy after landing 2 clients for $5,000.


Hey everyone. This is Kerry Martins and I'm from Victoria in Canada. I just wanted to say that before doing Sam's program, or before buying his program I was really nervous that it wouldn't be any different than any of the other programs that I've purchased. I've spent over $10,000 worth of these online programs, and they've been great, but none of them have really been enough to give me that long-term results and financial results that I was looking for, it just kind of left me more overwhelmed with more questions. During Sam's program I found that he not only gave every single step of the way that I needed to follow really clearly, but he was a step ahead in every situation. Like I would think of a question, or think of a struggle or a problem, and the next video he would've covered it. So he was always a step ahead and gave all the information that I needed, exactly to follow through with each step of the way, and it was just incredible. He really knows what he's doing and has proven it, and he really cares about all of his students, and he is there for us 100%, wants us all to be successful, and you can really feel that in the program. So yeah, so far I'm still working through some of the program, I've had to slow down because I started getting clients and started getting busy with business, but I've been doing my marketing campaign for about three weeks now and I already have two clients, and I've made $5,000. So now I know the process is proven, I just have to continue with the steps and keep going. Definitely if anyone is considering this program I 100% would say it's great and it will work for you if you do the steps that he's laid out. All right. See ya later, bye.