5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Dental
  • Location: Fallbrook, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Jason was feeling like a generalist. After going through the program he was able to dial in a gain a sense of direction. He also was able to improve his mindset and was able to acquire a proven sales framework.


Hey it's Jason Moran from San Diego, just doing a quick testimonial here for Sam Ovens. You know before joining the Consulting Accelerator Program and really working with Sam, I would say my business was really kind of all over the place. Like many people in the digital marketing space, I was a generalist. I was kind of doing anything and everything for everybody. During my journey with this program, Sam really helped me to kind of get laser focused in on my skillset. He helped me to craft an offer to a niche that I'd pretty much been in my entire life. The program not only gave me a sense of direction, but it really helped me through some mindset issues as well that I really didn't even know I had. Secondly, the program gave me a proven framework for really the entire sales process. Before having that framework, my sales calls were all over the place. I really thought I knew everything about sales and that I was an expert in sales and that I really had nothing left to learn. It was extremely evident, very, very early on, that I had a lot to learn in the area of sales and the sales process. After studying Sam's techniques and really applying his teachings to my business, I saw a huge, huge boost in sales. A huge growth spurt in my business, but more importantly what I saw was a boost in my confidence and my ability to articulate my offer effectively to my marketplace. I really can't recommend this program enough. I've known Sam Ovens, I've been in this space for, oh god, it's going on eight years now. Eight or nine years. What I will say about the program is that the mindset portion alone is just absolutely incredible and could easily be a standalone program just by itself. Sam is the real deal. He really is. He is the real deal and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for his program. Not only just his program and the support system that he has in place but really the community. The online community within Facebook that he's built. Bottom line, you know, those two things alone, they have directly impacted my bottom line and taken me and my business to a place that I couldn't even have dreamed of a couple years ago.