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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: St. Petersburg , Russia
  • Consulting Accelerator

During the Consulting Accelerator Arthur learned and acquired the tools he needs to start reaching out to prospects with a compelling product/service, land sales calls, and start closing clients to grow his business.


Hello everybody my name . I'm from Russia Saint Petersburg and I enjoy consulting Accelerator and I want share my feeling and results actually before consulting Accelerator, I work in digital marketing area. I was like PPC manager. I wanted to provided services to international market. Before I already have clients in Russian market. But I also planning to move to international space and I didn't have idea how do it. During learning this program, I figure out how ... What you need to do. How to attract clients and how find clients and which tools we can use. And yeah, after this program, I already know how do it. I don't have clients yet, but I already figure out how generate start a session through social media and I hope yeah, it will be good finally. And I recommend you consulting Accelerator if you want to figure out how create business or for example if you already have some product and you want to how to scale it, it's absolutely for you and highly recommend. Thank you Sam and Tim.