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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Healthcare Providers
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Annie joined Consulting Accelerator and quickly made the decision to make the leap and quit her full-time job. She has already double her income from her job with the program and now has more time to spend with her children.


Hey, it's Annie Wardoll from Colorado. When I started Sam's program I was working as the director of marketing for a local optometrist office here in Colorado Springs, and I was making $60,000 as my salary. When I started Sam's program I started working on it watching his videos in the evening times and on weekends when I had a little bit more time. When I started to really getting into the program I really started to make a decision that I wanted to quit my full-time job and use Sam's program to move forward full-time. Since making the leap and quitting my job in December I have not only replaced my income, which was my goal, I've doubled my income with Sam's program. It's allowed me to have a lot more free time with my kids. I have three kids so they're out for summer break and it's nice to be able to make more time with them, take them to do more things that I wouldn't have gotten a chance to do had I had a full-time job working for someone else. It's really allowed me to stay home with my kids and with my family more often. I've been loving every second of it and I would recommend Sam's program because just the freedom that it allowed me to have with my family and the income that it has provided for me. Thanks.