5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Emerging freelancers who are looking to increase the quantity and quality of their clients and charge more money.
  • Location: Allentown, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Andy was working in multiple positions but trying to decide which direction he wanted to go in. After joining, Andy quickly realized the value of each lesson and the systematized structure of the program. Andy now has his own business helping freelancers succeed and is confident it will grow. He recommends the program to anyone looking to go into consulting.


Hey guys, my name is Andy Fine from Boston. Although I travel around the world now. But first, I started the Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam. I was kinda doing a lot of different things. I was all over the place. I did start-up consulting, I did some MNA work, did a little bit of this stuff, but was always trying to find what direction I wanted to go in. A lot of information all over the internet. It was hard to kinda pinpoint what I really wanted to focus on. What I really wanted to do. During the program I really quickly realized what the value of Sam's Consulting Accelerator is. And it's not that the information is necessarily mind blowing or completely new and unheard of before. Some of it is definitely very good. A lot of it is very good. What the real value, I think, is that it combines a lot of the great things that are found all over the internet, but puts them together in one place in a systematized structure that you can follow step by step. And it would just take a long, long time and a lot of trial and error to weed through all the noise that's out there on the internet and do it on your own. It really lays it out for you very easily. So since completing it, I've launched my own business helping freelancers to succeed. And it's been going well. I've just gotten started. So I'm in the infancy of it but I'm very confident that we're gonna find the right niche and be able to power through and create something really big. So I would definitely recommend Sam's program to anyone looking to get into consulting, looking to find their next step, their path forward, and who just needs a little bit of direction to help get things going. Definitely give it a shot. If you're on the edge, it's worth it. I would happily pay again, and I'm sure it's gonna pay me back in spades over the next months and coming years certainly.