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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Solar Contractors
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Andre didn’t know much about his market but wanted to generate new income with financial freedom. After joining the program, Bader learned various crucial information that one should know as a consultant, including the desire for more independence. Now Bader has a better mindset and a complete list of goals for his business.


Hello. My name is . I'm from Calgary, Canada. I started the consulting program about three months ago. I didn't know anything about business. I didn't know what market I would be going into. I started because I wanted to go into a different path of generating income for myself, and I wanted a path that would give me financial independence and freedom of my time. The process of this program for me went in revision cycles. I would go into a market, see if I can help clients in that market, see if there was a problem I could solve until I found one that I'm excited to start. Because of the way this program taught me to start the business, I learned a lot of crucial information. I know what to stay away from. I know the things that are beneficial for me and for my business. The consulting program taught me the core information, the crucial information that you have to know as a consultant. You have to be committed. You have to want this for yourself. You have to want to create that desire, that independence for yourself if that's the reason why you're joining this program or if you're looking into entrepreneurship, this is the best place to start. Sam lays out everything you need to know in this program. He helped me with my mindset, getting locked into my goals, and what I have to be achieved to be successful as a consultant in the market that I've chosen. You have to figure out what you're good at, what skills you have, and how you can add ... My favorite thing about this program is it gives the core concepts, and the information is simplified, structured. Everything you need to know, Sam has put into the consulting program. Thank you. Goodbye.