5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Coaching gay women to come out or helping therapists get more clients through dm
  • Location: Cheltenham , United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Amy joined the program looking to quit her job and be her own boss. Since joining the program she has seen an improvement in her confidence, mindset and is taking action working on growing her business.


Hi. My name's and I'm based in the U.K. Before purchasing the course, I was always open to any opportunity that would allow me to quit my corporate job, potentially become my own boss, and allow me to spend more time with my family. I stumbled across the course on Facebook and watched the webinar and thought for a few days, "Maybe I should go for it." I really liked the idea that I could become a consultant using skills that I already had. And so I decided to buy the course. I during the course, experienced a really significant mindset shift. And that's down to the mindset training that lots of people talk about in week two. Which just helped me become more disciplined and focused than I ever have been. I'm now getting up at 06:00 A.M. every day, exercising, choosing specifically what I spend my time doing. And I'm generally just more positive and confident in what I'm doing. The course itself is really really well-structured. It's detailed. You really, really can't go wrong. No stone's left unturned. And you just get all of the tools and resources that you can possibly need. Now that I'm approaching the end of the course, I'm considering two niches, and I'm waiting to go and look at the digital marketing material to help me decide specifically which one to go after. I have complete confidence that I can start a consulting business that I can earn enough to quit my corporate job. And really, it's just down to me and executing on the plan that I've got through the course. If you're undecided, I would absolutely recommend that you purchase the course, if only for the personal development and nothing else. It really is that good. For me, it's been a really significant change and absolutely worth the price of the course.