5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Was Already in eCommerce
  • Location: Woodbury, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Adam was continuously learning and teaching his team about the marketplace and how it is rapidly moving. After joining, Adam’s team easily understood each lesson and concept and it showed Adam that Consulting Accelerator was a quality program unlike any other.


Hi. I a lot of programs and courses regularly to make sure that I'm always learning and keeping up with the direction that that marketplace is moving, and I also like to buy programs to help members of my team and provide better training for them so they're also always improving. With Sam's course specifically I came into it wanting to get the program for my ads manager so that they could learn more about Facebook ads and some more tactics and strategies. But with Sam's program we got so much more, because usually what happens with programs is that it's some Internet marketer who's put together a program really quickly and they haven't really thought through all of the concepts that they're teaching. And so oftentimes there's a lot of contradictions, and so many times my team gets confused and I have to go in and learn the program myself and learn the tactics and strategies, and then reteach it in a more comprehensive and more simpler way to my team. But with the Accelerator program, not only did my team not have any questions, but they were able to understand all of the concepts without me having to be a part of that, and for me that showed that the Accelerator program was absolutely a quality program. So after investing thousands of dollars in programs over the years I can definitely say that the Accelerator program is one of the most quality programs I've ever seen, and whether it's for yourself or for your team there's absolutely something for everyone in the Accelerator program.