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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Online Marketing
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Andrew had been consulting for decades. He has started going through the program and with the plan he is putting in place is projected to make at least seven figures. He recommends the program for others.


Hi. It's Andrew Grant here, and I'm coming to you from Bangkok in beautiful Thailand. I just want to take a moment to thank Sam Ovens and the team for the fantastic product, Consulting Accelerator. Now, my wife and myself have been consultants for a number of decades now, and it's been a fantastic business for us. It's given us a fantastic lifestyle and given us the ability to travel all around the world. Now, to do that, we needed to have some really cool systems and things that would allow us to deliver what we say we're going to deliver for our clients. Therefore, we're really passionate about being educated and keeping up to date on what's the latest things in our business. I recently came across Sam's product and had a look at it and I was really pleasantly surprised with the amount of detail. Not only does he deliver what he says he's going to deliver in the marketing. He over-delivers. I was surprised at all the extra information that I got as a consequence of the program. This has allowed us or inspired us, I suppose, and filled in the missing pieces in a few areas for us to be able to break into new marketplaces. One of the marketplaces that we're getting, we've done our numbers, and we think it's going to put another seven figures onto bottom line for our business, so we're very excited about that. Now, if you're thinking about being a consultant, if you're looking into it, or even if you are a consultant, we've been doing this for a number of decades, I can highly recommend this program. You're going to learn something. If you're an old consultant, you're going to maybe be reminded about some things or get a new spin on things the way Sam might be doing things, or if you're a new person looking at doing this as a brand new person, you know customer expertise and you want to be a consultant, this is a fantastic product and I really highly recommend. Just follow what he taught, and I believe you'll be successful. Look forward to seeing you around. Thanks very much once again, Sam.