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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Health/Wellness
  • Location: Wexford, Wexford, Ireland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ryan came into the Consulting Accelerator struggling to take that next step and wanted to fill in the gaps. After going through, he was able to improve his mindset, grow his business, and highly recommends this program for people on the fence.


Hey what's up, guys? My name's Ryan Margolin, and I'm from Wexford, Ireland. Today I wanted to record a quick video, just to give you some insight into my experience with Sam's course. The reason I decided to go down this road and dive into the course was because I do have a consulting business, and I do have some clients, but I felt like I was struggling to kind of take that next step, and I knew that there were certain pieces of the puzzle that were missing in order for me to do so. After going through the webinar, and making the decision that this was the right choice for me, I went ahead and bought it. And over the next six weeks, it really became a huge transformational experience for me. There was a couple of modules in particular that really stood out and really impacted me the most. One of those was the mindset module. This really helped me kind of get out of my own way, so to speak, because I was standing in my own way in small ways that were having big impacts on my growth. The other module was the Facebook module. It simplified so much of the process. Beforehand, I was running Facebook ads and I was creating them all individually, you know, different interest groups, et cetera, but going through that full week, it just made me realize how much time I was wasting unnecessarily. Those were the two big turning points for me. After implementing those, and going through the course and seeing how simple it is and how well laid out it is, it made me see that things, that they don't have to be so hard if you just open your mind a little bit, and become coachable, almost. Finishing the course, I mean, I've only finished the course not too long ago, and since then, my consulting business has really exploded. We're talking easily by a thousand percent, and for the coming months, I can see that doubling or tripling. So for anyone that's sitting on the fence, thinking, "Aw, is this course legit, or is it real, or is this just another bunch of whatever?" It's not. It all depends on how you look at it, and what you do and what you implement. I just wanted to say that this has been a really enjoyable experience, the last six weeks, and I'm sure moving forward it will be. And it doesn't come without its challenges, I mean, you really need to work hard at this. It's not easy. But once you put in all the work at the front end, you'll reap the results on the back end. Listen, thank you very much, Sam. I appreciate all the work you put into this, and it was well worth the cost of the package.