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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Hockey Mental Game Analytics
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Fred was looking to do a website rebuild. He stumbled across Consulting Accelerator and the course looked like exactly what he needed. There was a whole lot of things that were in the course that would be really beneficial.


Hello. My name's Andrew . I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Just doing a little testimonial video for Sam Ovens' training course. I stumbled upon Sam's course, I guess, on Facebook as I was coming to the end of, really, a failed website rebuild. I guess I saw Sam's online ad and it taught me everything that I needed to know before I started my website rebuild and I guess my only regret is I didn't find it maybe two or three months sooner than I did. I was running a consulting business word of mouth. Was getting most of my clients through organic and really wanted to scale my ability to use technology to do my sales and marketing, and Sam's course looked great for that goal, so I jumped onboard. It was a bit of a hell yes for me and dove right in there. He had very thorough content. A lot of stuff I didn't know about, needed to learn. The whole technology piece was ... I didn't know how to put it together. I needed help putting it all together and Sam just laid it out step-by-step-by-step, almost impossible to get it wrong. I've learned to build funnels. I'm still in the Facebook section of the course, so I haven't really flipped the switch yet, but pretty confident that when I learn the Facebook ad's piece of this puzzle, it's going to be throw a switch and this thing is going to work very well. So, definitely would recommend the program to anybody who's on the fence. Dive in there. It's a difficult one to get wrong. Thanks very much.