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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/Wellness
  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sabrina from Washington, DC explains the number one reason she thinks the course is worth it (including how she gained a better understand of her market and customers).


Hi, my name is Sabrina Dobbs. I am originally from Washington, DC. It was certainly a pleasure to be a part of Sam's program, if for no other reason other than to learn more about social media marketing. I would definitely say that before the program, I had very little insight around social media marketing. During the program, I was able to be a part of the discussion group that really facilitated helping me to build my skills, and really keep me confident and encouraged, about being in this program. I'd say finally then after the course, I really was able to continue to benefit from being part of a group that continued support and encouragement. And I think more than anything, it really helped me to have a better understanding of understanding how to define my client, define my customer, and even for myself, to define what customer I am, and what market I wanted to go after. So I would definitely recommend the course. Again if for no other reason, than to get a better understanding of how to work with customers, and to really understand digital media marketing strategy. Thanks Sam, for that opportunity.