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  • Location: Naucalpan, Estado de M�xico, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before investing in the program, Joahim was feeling it was time to be his own boss. He recommends those looking to be their own boss and live a life of prosperity to get off the fence and jump into Consulting Accelerator.


Hey guys, this is from Mexico City, and excuse me because I'm going to be reading this. I apologize for my English. I'm here to tell you how my life was before investing into the Consulting Accelerator program. I used to work from nine to six, not being able to increase my income, neither having enough time for myself and my family. I feel like it was about time for me to be my own boss, setting my own schedule, to launch myself as an entrepreneur, but I just wasn't able to pull it off because I didn't feel confident enough. was watching this opportunity from Sam Ovens, and I wasn't sure if I should invest on it or not, but for me it came in the right time because what I really needed was a system laid before me and broken down step-by-step on which I could rely. I wasn't really willing to put in the hustle process, so I was ready to invest on myself, on my own business, and on the life that I always wanted. Now I have the blueprint I need in order to execute, and I am working hard trusting this process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I'm just getting started, but now I have found the life that I always wanted, and I am heading to a wealthy life. If you want to experience the feeling of freedom, if you want to know what it feels to be prosperous, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to roll out your business. If you ever wanted to be your own boss and to start your way to wealth, this is it. So, listen, if you are still on the fence, let me tell you something. Instead of being worried about making this investment, you should be focusing on making four figures per month instead, maybe five figures per month, or six figures per month. It is your call. It doesn't matter where you live in the world. Sam's the real deal, and this program is the right path for success, and now is the time to jump. My name is . See you on the other side.