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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Health Coaches
  • Location: Sarasota, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before going through the Consulting Accelerator, Robyn felt she really needed to build something for herself. After working with Sam, she is planning on quitting her job, has started growing her own consulting business and highly recommends the program.


Hey, it's Robin here from Sarasota, Florida. Listen, before I got into this program I was going job to job. I was in a sales job that was going no where. They changed the pay structure on me once again and I was at my wits end. I knew with way the world's going, the economy is going, I really have to find something that's for myself, something that I can create, something that I can build. I came across Sam Ovens' program and I listened to him, I listened to the webinar and there was something about him because I've been on a million other webinars before and I hate to say it but I've purchased other programs before. I don't know, there was something about Sam. I just loved his ... He seemed very authentic and I went ahead and I purchased the program. I was really nervous getting started but what I found while I was going through it is that he has an amazing community that he has on Facebook. If you're running into problems, if you're stuck, if you need a question. I mean, the community is so supportive. He's got back in support and I just can't tell you going through it, I felt very supported and I didn't feel alone going through it. Now, I am closed to completion and I've already got my game plan where I can quit my job and do this full time and I'm super, super excited. I'm telling you, if this is something that you're looking to do, this is the program. You can't go wrong with it. I highly, highly recommend this program. The consulting arena is really the way to go. You can work from anywhere and it just ... It checked every single one of my boxes when I think about having a home business for myself. But I also love, and I have to add this in, is that when I was talking about how Sam is authentic and genuine, he's one of the rare people that I see when he's talking about what he's doing, he truly does care about the clients. A lot of other webinars and other people I listen to it's all about the money, the money, the money. I tell you, if you take care of your clients, the money just comes. If you're deciding what you want to do, I say press the button and go for it.