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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Chiropractic
  • Location: Dallas, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gary was looking for the right program to invest in. When he joined Accelerator he found everything inside was easy to follow and step-step guidance. He learned how to attract his audience and closing them over the phone. He is signing 3-4 clients per month and is working on scaling his business.


Hey guys. Gary Wheatsman here from Texas. I just wanted to take a moment and share a quick story about my experience working with Sam and how it's completely improved the quality of my life both inside and outside the office. So I've been struggling for the last five years as I've been trying to find the right course that would give me a great education and help build a profitable business. Now before finding Sam's course, I was investing in countless other courses but I could never find the one that made me feel as though I was getting a quality return of knowledge for the time and money that I was putting in. So I was just feeling incredibly discouraged until I purchased Sam's consulting accelerator six week program. Now this program gave me easy step by step guidance on how to build my own consulting agency and I as learned from Sam, the necessary steps to success became more and more clear and I could once again see a bright future for myself. The main things that I learned were attracting a target audience via Facebook ads, capturing my audience's emails, having them apply for a consulting call, and then finally closing them in on a personal phone call. Now after six weeks of studying, I signed up my very first client. Since then, I'm consistently signing three to four new clients a month. I never knew how easy this business can be until I stumbled upon Sam's program. Now at this point, I have a couple of virtual assistants who I personally train, and with their help I have more freedom to pursue my other dreams, all thanks to this program. So I would definitely recommend this program because of its straightforwardness and efficiency. I have quickly and effectively grown my business, and if that's something you too are striving for, this program will be a great aid. Working with Sam has been a pleasure, and I hope this video has helped you see all of the amazing benefits his program will provide. I'm excited about where it's gotten me, and I'm even more excited to see all of you make the same strides forward in your career.