5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health care
  • Location: Dallas, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ben was struggling with landing new clients before joining Consulting Accelerator. He has been able to start landing paying clients in just 6 weeks and found everything inside the course very helpful. He recommends others join the course.


Hey everyone. Benjamin here from Dallas, Texas. I've been in Sam's course for about six weeks now. Before Sam's course, I really struggled with gaining new clients and walking through that sales process. With Sam's material and the scripts he's put together, it's really helped me understand exactly what that process needs to look like from getting a client on the phone, understanding what their problems are, and communicating how I can help them and walking them through the close. As I was going through the course, it was kind of a challenge for me, never coming in to this. But with the help of the scripts and the Facebook group and everything else, it really helped put it together for me. Now that I've kind of gone through everything, I feel a lot more comfortable on the phone with customers by understanding how I can understand their challenges the best, communicate my value to them, and then walk them through that closing process to gain them as a client. Also, his Facebook training is second to none. It's another situation where there's really no thinking involved. He's laid everything out to where if you do the steps exactly how they're laid out, it will work for you. So for someone like me that came into this with no experience, that was really helpful for me to kind of see that entire process and not have to go do additional research or things like that. If you're on the fence and you're thinking about it, I definitely would recommend the course and hope to see you on the inside. See you.