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  • Level: Starting
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dalu has found Consulting Accelerator to be a big help. He believes the best part of the program is the sales script. After going through the program he now has a very clear understanding of how to talk to people. He now has more confidence and recommends others take Sam's course if they are struggling


Hi, everybody. This is from Toronto, Canada. I am a massage therapist, working in a chiropractic clinic. I also a student of Chinese medicine in school now. First of all, I am a not a good student, just by the fact that I started Sam's course almost a year ago, but I'm still in halfway. Whoa! That's very bad. But having said that, I found Sam Ovens' course have helped me quite a bit, even just from that first half of the course. So what I have found is the most helpful part so far from Sam's course is the psychology part, which is sales script. Before I started Sam's course, I had no idea about how to perform a good sales call because my job basically is I'm selling my service, my treatment to clients. So now I have a very clear understanding about how people think and how should I talk, how should I process the talking. So first of all, diagnose instead of jump to solution. This one is very prominent. It helped me to gain a lot of clients. Second of all, that helped me to ... Just by understanding the psychology of the people, that gave me a lot more confidence when I interact with people. So far I don't have much to offer because I haven't finished the course yet, but I would definitely recommend everybody to take Sam's course if you are struggling to start your own business or you're struggling in your work or even your life. Okay, so hopefully I will give a better testimonial in the near future. And I will try my best to apply Sam's course into my job, my life. And okay, that's it. Thank you for watching and have a nice day.