5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: personal coaching services (mindset)
  • Location: Alberta/Calgary, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mark used Consulting Accelerator to have a reliable way to generate calls with clients. With just three phone calls, he was able to land a client.


My name is Mark . I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm actually quite new to this program. I've just been kind of going through the material just now. But having gone through it just once quickly, I had a client in just my third phone call. The third phone call that came in. So before I was in this program, I've been a coach for a while. My background's psychology, and I've got a lot of experience. But what I really had a hard time finding, was a really reliable way to have a funnel system. A system where clients can come and meet me, and just have sales calls with them. During this process, listen, Sam Ovens knows what he's doing. It's obvious. And he's got a really good system. I haven't seen any system like this ever. And I've been looking around quite a bit, in different places and areas. Since I've taken it, like I said I'm just new to this, having said that I've already got one client. I've already had a couple of deposits from other clients, and I'm really excited about what this can mean for my business, as I do what I need to do. Now, would I recommend it? Absolutely I would recommend it. Listen, I haven't had a lot one-on-one help from Sam, but I have just watched the program. And for the price point, there's nothing like it on the market. I sincerely believe that. I believe that this is going to change my business and change my life.