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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Physical Therapy
  • Location: Wilmette, IL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Austin wanted more freedom in his lifestyle. After going through the course, he was able to quit his job, focus 100% on developing as a businessman. He has experienced a ton of growth and found the mindset training and Facebook training to be the most valuable parts of the program.


Hello, my name's Austin , out of Chicago, Illinois. I bought Sam's course about six months ago, and I'm just doing a video review right now for how I felt the program was. Before the program, I was actually in a full time job. I was doing something where I didn't really want to be doing it, it was a full time desk job. I just felt like I really always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I really wanted to start my own business and get more freedom in my lifestyle. I'm only 24 years old, so this video should show that everyone can do this program, if they really set their mind to it. Before the program, like I said, I was just really wanting to start my own business. After that, I made a decision to invest fully in Sam's course. Shortly after that I actually quit my job, and committed full time to Sam's Consulting Accelerator, and was able to basically go through the course, be able to focus 100% on acquiring new clients, as well as going through program getting the knowledge. My life during it was a ton of growth, and a ton of learning about the system's knowledge, as well as mindset training. I'd say the two most important parts of the training for me was the mindset training. I really needed something to kick me into high gear. The second thing is definitely the Facebook advertising part, really teaches you the systems knowledge that you need in order to acquire clients for yourself, as well as, if that's part of your business, helping out your clients with their Facebook strategy. Besides that, my life after getting the program, going through the course ... I've really been able to get outside my comfort zone, learn a ton about sales as well as marketing, and what I'm good at, my strengths. I think all in all this course really will help accentuate your strengths, and help you to really discover what you're good at, and how that brings value to other companies and people. That's why I really feel like Sam's course is worth every single penny that I invested in it, and definitely feel like it's something where I'm super excited for anyone moving forward with the program. Because I would say that's ten out of ten, something that has helped me both personally and professionally, achieve my goals financially, too. Just wanted to make a short video on that. Thanks again, Sam, for making the course and for upgrading to Accelerator 2.0. Besides that, that's my experience with the program so far. Again, my name is Austin Bross, and I'm from Chicago, Illinois. Everyone have a great rest of your day. Bye.