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  • Location: Torri Di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy
  • Consulting Accelerator

Stephen before the Consulting Accelerator, was working all of the time seeing his own bed just 2 night a weeks. He was feeling tired and wanted to reach his financial dreams. After the program, he been able to double his profit and is confident he can do better.


Hey, hello everybody, this is Dr. Mickolas Stevencomac. I'm calling from ... This video is from Italy. I'm precisely in Vicenza. Now ... Sorry for that ... So how was my life before I knew Sam's program ... You know, his Consultancy program? I was running all the time, I was working all the time. I used to see my bed two nights in a week, because I have my private clinic, that's my private medical center, and I worked, too, publicly for a hospital. So I would work here during the day and work there during the night, and ... I love my job, I do it with a passion because I love helping people, and that's why I love Sam's program. So before I knew the program I was running all the time, and I actually felt tired, and I never reached my financial dreams or actually got what I really wanted, you now that was the financial freedom. But then when I knew the program, when I followed Sam's program and I got through 67 steps, program was fantastic. It was pretty new, so I put everything into it, all my energy, because I worked a lot and during my free hours I used to follow Sam's program. So it was hard, it was new, it was perfect, it was constructive. Now, after I had finished all the consultancy program and I put things into action, and my confidence doubled, too. That's fantastic. You know I can do better if I keep on following his business advice and I know that, so I loved it. At the beginning I didn't actually put all my energy into it. I actually did not really believe it was gonna happen, or I was gonna know all this many new stuff, so I love it. So if you're following this video, you need to follow Sam's program it's really nice, and go for it, you know dreams can come true. Okay? So don't have a lot of doubt, just do it.