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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentistry
  • Location: Manalapan, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

As he been working through Consulting Accelerator, Christopher has seen a lot growth in his own business and values the Facebook community for its help and feedback. He highly recommends the program.


Hi, this is Chris Scaffer from New Jersey. Before I started this program, I was actually working for a biomedical corporation as a temp. I quit that job because I felt like I was getting taken advantage of, so I started working with my dad in his dental office. I got him some pretty good returns. I grew his business quite a bit, 40% over the past year, and I knew I could probably scale it up. I just didn't know how to. It just so happened that, in October, I stumbled upon Sam's program. I was hesitant at first. I'm not a big risk taker, but I felt that I might as well make the jump anyway. So I did. I stumbled upon, as many of you probably who also are in the program, noticed a treasure trove of ideas and how to approach things. The Facebook community is great. Everyone is extremely helpful. Many of them seem to want to help you and give you ideas, bounce off topics or whatever. Technically, I'm still in the program. I'm in like week five or six of it. So I'm not fully done, but I've all ready seen some quite nice returns from it. A few other clients just jumping on board with me in the past two weeks. I hope to continue to use Sam's program to apply ideas and topics that are mentioned in the various weeks to grow my clients' businesses and therefore grow my own even faster. It's a great program. He's super straight forward and everyone's so helpful in the community. I highly recommend it. Thanks.