5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Self-development coaches
  • Location: Douala, Cameroon
  • Consulting Accelerator

Laurence really enjoys the program explaining the basics to her. Consulting Accelerator was really an eye opening experience. She says if you have no knowledge at all she recommends signing up for the program.


Hello, hello, guys. How is it going? It's Lawrence Um here, from Cameroon. It's in north Africa, so, yes, some African folks in the room. All right. About the consulting accelerator ... I would first like to say a very big thank you to Sam, because he's such a generous person. Okay? This program is like being with someone that's holding your hand and taking you through all the steps and all those areas. For me, I was a complete newbie, so it was just really great to have someone explain me all the basics from scratch. And so, yeah, I've gained so much more insight in the world of business and yeah. It was just a great eye-opening program and experience for me. If you are interested, if you have little knowledge to some, no knowledge at all like I was, I would definitely recommend getting in the program. And you know, there is a very big, dynamic community in there. Like, there are people from all walks off life, from different backgrounds, that would be more than happy to help, to answer your questions and guide you. You know, give you some insight. Yeah, it's a very good investment and it's a very cheap investment. Very, very cheap compared to the return, so I would definitely recommend anyone interested. And please, please, please do not sit on the fence for too long, because I did the same thing and that's maybe the only regret I have concerning this program. So I hope any of guys interested will jump in really quick and I will be more than happy to welcome you on the other side. See you guys. Hopefully, I will see you very soon. Bye-bye.