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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Social Impact
  • Location: Huittinen, Finland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ann is new to Consulting Accelerator. Ann realized that she was doing the same thing every day and getting the same results every day and it was mediocre. She was looking to be extraordinary and to get those type of results. The mindset training immediately affected her in a positive way. Ann raved about the greatness of the Facebook community.


Hi. My name is Anne Bland, and I'm from Finland. I've been on Sam's course maybe for two or three weeks only, but I'm already seeing the benefits and learning a great deal. I am a social impact, an impact investment consultant, and I was realizing that I was doing the same things everyday, getting the same results everyday, and it was okay, but I want to be outstandingly brilliant to help people and organizations to change the world. This course has given me completely new framework to look at my business, and also it has shifted my mindset so much so that I'm already going to take my business to England and move to the UK and launch my business there in a month's time, so I definitely would recommend it. It doesn't matter what your consultancy expertise is because it definitely works, and I would recommend it for three different reasons mainly. The first one is that it's a step-by-step process. It fits beautifully in your schedule. You can do it at your own pace. Take as long as you want or do it as quickly as you want and it delivers. The second thing is that it has, as I said, taught me new skills, practical skills like digital marketing, which is not my forte at all, but I'm already really excited that I can put that to good use for my clients and customers. The third thing is, not the least at all, that's the community. I absolutely love the fact that I can reach out to people all over the world that are in a similar situation than I am, perhaps in a different point of their journey, but still in a similar situation, and hopefully, I can give back to that community as well with my expertise and skills and ideas that I may have, so I definitely would recommend to you to have a look at it for yourself and see whether it's for you. It is for me. Thank you.