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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/Wellness
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jason was in a job he did not like and was looking to do something else with his life. He joined Consulting Accelerator and he attests the program changed his business. He is still finishing up the course and believes the program is a must-have for those looking to become a consultant.


Hi, my name is Jason Francis from New York City. I want to give a brief testimonial about the Sam Ovens course. Prior to being in the Sam Ovens course, I was a truck driver, a menial job that I truly did not like nor enjoy doing, but I did it for many years because it was something that I needed to do to provide for my family. I came across Sam Ovens' course from following Tai Lopez and getting into some other courses that I've been in. Being in his course has absolutely taken my business to the next level. I always wanted to be a consultant, but didn't really have the right strategies nor the right techniques for becoming a consultant. I purchased the Sam Ovens Course. I'm in the course currently. During the course you learn valuable lessons on how to become a consultant or how to create and get through your sales process. His sales script is absolutely phenomenal. There is no other sales script out there like that. It is truly, truly, like he said, worth the price of the program, if not more. I go through the sales script more than four times a week. Half of the time when I'm going through it, I feel like I hear Sam in my head. I'm still in the course, currently. The consultant accelerator is an absolute must have for anybody who wants to become a consultant. Sam, I thank you. I highly, highly recommend this program to any and all who want to become more. If you want to become a consultant, then getting the consulting accelerator is a must. Have a great day.