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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Ryan started Consulting Accelerator he had the knowledge of his niche, but absolutely no idea how to obtain his first client. During the course, Ryan liked how structured it is. He also enjoys having all the resources needed at your fingertips. Consulting Accelerator has allowed him to gain multiple clients.


Hey everyone, Ryan Victor here from London. Before I joined Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator, I knew I had the knowledge in my area, but I had absolutely no idea what the best way of actually getting my first client was, so I had zero clients and not really much of a roadmap or idea of what the best way was, apart from maybe sending some emails somewhere or maybe going to some events and trying to, I don't know, give someone my business card or something. During the course, what I really liked about it is it's very well structured, Sam's put a lot of effort into making the videos very clear and understandable, and it gives you just step by step exactly what you need to get started across a number of different areas. So there's lots of good approaches, not just sort of one way of doing things. It really gave me the belief that this was possible and something I'd be able to achieve. Since going through the course, I am now getting clients. I've landed a few and more importantly, I know that I have the ability, I have the roadmap, and as long as I just take it step by step and follow it, I will continue to get clients to pay me very well for my services. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has any type of knowledge that they want to offer in some kind of consultancy form, but maybe you feel like you don't have the technical knowhow, you're not exactly how to go about things, and you don't want to spend months and months kind of prospecting, going out, doing networking, and trying to figure out all on your own how you're gonna actually land paying clients without sort of massively discounting yourself. I'd recommend it to anyone who just wants to start landing their first clients, or someone who might want to start scaling their business, getting more clients faster, and getting them to pay higher rates, especially the stuff on sales and how to do sales calls is really, really useful and really good, especially if you're an introverted person. Someone who offers technical services and things like that that isn't really comfortable at doing sales over the phone, I'd definitely recommend doing the course if you're one of those people.