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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Otto came in having tried tricks and tactics from "gurus" out there, but wasn't finding success. Once he entered the Consulting Accelerator course he was able to focus in on his market, develop his millionaire mindset and now is pulling out $3,000/day.


Hi, my name's Ollie Peterson from the Gold Coast, Australia. I'm a personal trainer and before I jumped on Sam's course I was struggling to convert traffic into sales on my website. I spent endless hours, sleepless nights, trying to figure this all out. I'd done a ton of digital marketing courses beforehand as well and I soon realized pretty designs, page views, fake metrics such as Facebook likes doesn't actually equal a return on investment. As you can imagine, I was frustrated, tired of spending money that I actually didn't have on marketing my online business because that's what the gurus tell you to do. Yet no one really teaches you what to do step by step and that's where I was going wrong. The marketing that I was doing was too vague, it wasn't niched down, I had the mentality of thinking "hell yeah, I want millions of people to see my ad", and then Facebook would happily take my money and I would see no return on my investment. So that's when I discovered Sam's accelerator course and oh my gosh, finally something that was in plain English that you and your mates could understand even if you were brand new to online marketing. One thing that stood out for me the most on Sam's course was week 2: developing your millionaire mindset. I didn't realize this 'til after studying the module that my money mindset was actually sabotaging me from creating the income that I desired. You can learn all the techie stuff, build funnels and all that, but nothing's gonna work until your mindset's right. Um, this is one of the many things that I learned on Sam's course. Now, after taking Sam's course, I've managed to make $3,000 in one day and y'know if that was my old money mindset it would've kicked in and said, y'know if you're thinking about making that type of money in one day you're joking, you're kidding yourself. Y'know, now I make that on the regular and it's pretty cool. So if you're anything like me, and, y'know, you're struggy ... you're struggle with money mindset, a little bit of the monkey mind as well and you wanna 10X your business I would strongly recommend you grab Sam's course. And Sam, if you're watching this, dude I appreciate you, thank you so much for helping me. You are the man. Cheers.