5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: North York, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the consulting program Carolina found life to be very hard and boring, going through some difficult times. Carolina was struggling to pay her bills and was desperately looking for a way out. After investing in the program she has been able to form great belief in herself due to the mindset training and is endeavouring to continue her development.


Hey, guys. My name's Carolena. I'm from Toronto, Canada. Life before the consulting program was very hard, and very boring. I was a single mom, so I went through some really hard times. I felt extremely stuck, because I couldn't do much because of my finances. I was very stressed out. I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. At the time my only answer was the job I had, and that was what was paying the bills. One day I had enough. I said, "There has to be something else." I was on Facebook one day and the program popped up, and I checked it out. I believed in myself enough to do it. During the process I was a little uneasy, but excited at the same time. I truly believe God is always guiding me, and I pray all the time. I really feel like He brought this for me. During the process I really liked the mindset training especially. It's actually led me to a lot of other things. It's led me to read a lot more books. It's led me to listen to a lot of Tony Robbins, and seek out a whole bunch of mentors. I essentially started working on my mindset every single day. Listening to audios, and doing Sam's program at the same time. I learned a lot. I learned that I could do something that I enjoy, something that I have some skill level in, and also I could learn more. I really liked that. What I liked after the program was ... I haven't seen results yet. I was only on week four, I was doing this on a part-time basis. I'm still going at it. My niche is, I help personal trainers get more clients through digital marketing and sales coaching. I am having some struggles with it, but I am continuing with the course, and have reached out to a whole bunch of people. I've met an amazing group of people through the consulting program, who have been mentoring me and helping me. I am very hopeful that I'll get my first client very soon. I would definitely recommend the program to someone else. I've recommended it to a few people now. The cost has been a little bit of an issue in terms of the program, but if you want to do something about your life, you will figure out a way. I know I figured out my way. I would definitely keep recommending the course to someone else, because this was an answer to my prayers. I know that it can be an answer to someone else's prayers as well, so I would definitely recommend it. That's it.