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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Physical therapy
  • Location: Lowell, MA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Asa had just finished college and was working at a 9-5 desk job and wondered if this was the next 40 years of his life. He joined the program and found the mindset module alone to be worth the investment for the course. He 100% recommends the program to others.


What's going on, guys? This is Asa from Massachusetts. This is about four months after I had initially purchased Sam Oven's Online Consulting Accelerator Course 1.0. Before I purchased the course, I graduated college about eight months prior. I was working for three months in a desk job in a cubicle for 40 hours a week wondering, "Is this what's in store for the next 40 years of my life?" I ran into Sam Oven's online. He had come from about a similar situation. He had worked for three months in a desk job, quit, and then four years later, a 26 year old comes up and he's made it. He's huge, private jets. He just gets the concept, so I was like, "All right. What has this guy done that I need to learn how to do?" Basically I purchased this course. It is very well put together. It's very easy to access, scroll, see what you've done, and not done. The content itself was really well put together. Personally, I'm not into social media advertising or consulting yet, which was very big, so I worked out a deal with Sam's team, $600 first two weeks. The fact that I, a broke college kid, someone who had just graduated college, that was pretty much all of my savings, $600, and I spent it for a two to three hour PowerPoint slide on mindset, which was just alone worth the price of admission. He's apparently put together a 14 hour video on mindset, which I'm willing to pay top dollar for. The fact that one concept of his large thing, mindset along, makes it worth it for me, if you are specifically into consulting or business, definitely 100%, but I think it's for anyone.