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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Social Retargeting through the Facebook Pixel
  • Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joshua joined the program and has created a structure to create a successful consulting business. Just 42 days in, and he is landing multiple clients and looking to scale things up.


Hi, everyone. My name is Josh Sorrel. I'm from Cambridge in England, and I found Sam Ovens after my previous startup, Brew Crew, failed. So on May 17, we made the decision to shut down the business. And basically, after 10 years of living in Cape Town, San Francisco, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, I'm back where it all starting living at home with my parents. So yeah, I've been living the dream for the last eight weeks now. But I was adamant that I didn't want to go back into full time employment. I thought I'd come down the road of entrepreneurship now, where I just couldn't give up and I wanted to start a successful business. I found Sam Ovens on my Facebook news feed, decided to watch the webinar. It became apparent that what he was teaching was very different to anything that I'd seen in the past. Normally, you can get some great content, but it doesn't really show you how to implement it into a business model. And that's what Sam Ovens' course does. It creates a structure and a step by step process to create a successful consultancy business. And what gave me further confidence was that when I saw that he'd already created over 100 people on six figure salaries, multiple people on seven figure salaries, I just had the confidence that this was the right mentor to invest my time and my money into. So six weeks down the road, I've already got five businesses on a monthly retainer at the moment. Super exciting week next week. We're off to see a Premier League football club, a five star hotel resort, and an e-commerce business. So obviously, I'm excited, and I'm hopefully going to moving out of my parents' very soon. And yeah, so if you're considering whether you think the program is the right course for you, the guidance and support that you're offered throughout your journey and the community that's there to give you feedback on your different implementations is so unique and powerful to any other course that I've seen, that it's almost hard to go wrong as long as you pick the right niche. So go for it, and good luck on your journey. Thanks.