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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Healthcare
  • Location: Auburn, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Michael knew his calling was to help businesses but was unsure how to do that. He has been able to use the Consulting Accelerator as a vehicle to reach his calling and start landing high-ticket clients for his consulting business.


Hey. It's Michael Nessa from Sydney. Before joining the program, I always thought I knew what I wanted to do, and I always felt like I knew what my calling was in helping businesses. I didn't know exactly how to do that or the vehicle in which I could actually make that possible. I obviously tried a few different things and then stumbled across the Consulting Accelerator with Sam Ovens and thought that would be a vehicle that could teach me a few things, so obviously enrolled into that. During the course, I found it to be quite beneficial. It definitely was very practical. I enjoyed a lot of elements of it, and I liked the clarity that it brought me with the process. I think process is very important. I really enjoyed the affirmation side as well as the mindset module, which really challenged me in terms of the way I thought and the way I was thinking about things. I really enjoyed that. I got a lot of value out of that for myself. The other thing that I really enjoyed about the program was the Facebook strategy. The Facebook strategy was really very insightful and gave me a lot of practical information. On top of that, I guess I really also enjoyed the importance of direct mail. I didn't realize that direct mail was something that I could use or if I did, how to use it. I guess seeing that as a process was really eye opening and I guess I wasn't thinking about that, which was great to always be shown something that you didn't realize was a possibility. Basically, to this point, I have just completed the program. The benefits in terms of a customer prospective hasn't been fantastic, but I'm still learning. I now have process. I now have clarity, which I think is beneficial. I've had a few strategies sessions, which is obviously a learning experience, and I guess it's about challenging myself. I'm getting better and better. I'm practicing and practicing, and I feel it's not too far away. I think after definitely completing the program, I have a process and a way of thinking that I didn't have before, which is what I was after. In that regard, it was quite successful. I definitely would recommend the program to anyone who may think that they want to get into consulting. I think it's one of the best out there from what I have seen and I'd really highly recommend it. It's a lot of structure and there's a a lot of purpose in it all. I think that's really important. Basically, I love it. Thank you very much, and looking forward to the future now because of the strategy and the ideas that have been brought forward to me that I otherwise wouldn't have had or experienced. Thank you very much.