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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Medical Practitioners
  • Location: Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

Paddy has implemented everything inside Consulting Accelerator step by step and seen a dramatic change in his life. He recommends anybody who is thinking about joining the program should hop on and join.


Hey it's , I'm shooting this video here from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and I just wanted to share my experiences about going through the Consulting Accelerator program by Sam Ovens. Ever since I went through the program everything has pretty much changed for me. I have been able to set up my own consulting business by following every single step Sam has laid out, completely step by step, no thinking whatsoever, just following through to the end. I saw everything change dramatically for me. My work life balance, as we call it, improved significantly. It's not even comparable to what it was before. When I just think about all the benefits that come through setting up your own consulting business and running it profitably, being able to help clients is such a fulfilling thing. You know how you are valued and how you are appreciated by the other side but also being able to spend just more time with your friends or family due to all of the freedom that you gain by doing this. If you are a consultant or a coach or in any way you're thinking about how to put up your own business or how to scale it and grow it then this is really the thing for you. This is pretty much the magic formula if you will. Every single step is laid out for you. Pretty much takes away all the thinking and it is really the thing that I believe every single consultant who is worth his penny, or worth whatever it is that he or she is offering, really should at the very least consider going through this program, because it really puts everything together. The transformation you will see for yourself, not only in your business but for yourself personally, is just radical. I've seen massive improvements for myself and I just couldn't recommend it more for someone else. If you're still thinking about it, I would just say just hop on and you'll be very glad that you did it.