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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Sugar Hill, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Trent started Consulting Accelerator looking for a clear direction as he started out as an entrepreneur. He found the program was simple and he was able to grow and take action. He believes it is worth the investment and has seen growth because of the program.


Hey guys, this is Trent Kenton from Atlanta, Georgia. I just want to do a quick testimonial and let you guys know just about the benefits that I've had from taking the leap and joining Sam's course. Initially when I first started out on this entrepreneurial journey that I'm on, I had no clue about all the things that went into it. I had no clarity. I had no clear path to get there. Obviously I was bombarded by all the information that's out there and there's so much information that's out there. It was very confusing. That was before I got into Sam's course but when I took the leap, everything got a lot clearer. The process was much simpler. Now it wasn't easy, but it was simpler. Basically during my time in the course, I feel like I did grow. I feel like I did take action on the things that I wanted to accomplish and I feel like that was a result. I did benefit a lot from the course and I would say it's worth every penny and then some. In terms of after my time out of the course, I would say that while I'm still on my journey and I might not have had as much success as some of the guys in the course, I would say that I'm still on my journey and that the experiences that I had in the course helped me or are helping me on this journey that I'm gonna continue and also it's really cool that you have the community there to help you along the way as well. Definitely take the leap into Sam's course because nothing but good things can happen from it. Thanks guys.