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5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jonny has used his time working with Sam to grow his consulting business over $100,000 and has dialed in his message. He recommends the program to coaches or consultants looking to dial in their Facebook advertising.


Hey. It's Johnnie here from Leeds in the UK. Before working with Sam, business was actually going really well but I just wanted to dial in my own Facebook advertising a little bit more and just tweak things so I could figure out how to get cheaper applications for my business and just really get it cranking. We're already doing well anywhere from 10 to 20k a month depending on how good a month it was, but yeah so I joined Sam to really just improve that process and get more leads into the business. What was life like during the process of going through-. I went through Sam's uplevel consulting course, I don't think it was the consulting accelerator course. It was really good, it was really easy to understand. There was some great information in there. One of the most detailed courses I've been in especially when it came to Facebook ads. We actually run Facebook ads for fitness businesses and there was a lot of things that I learnt from that course, that I didn't know already so it was great. After working with Sam it actually took ... We had a few tries initially to get things up and running. It was a bit hit and miss to start with, probably due to our messaging and dialing it in. Within the initial eight weeks we had a few applications come in from what we're doing. We made a few sales, which was nice. We obviously made our investment back for the program but then after ... it took a bit of while to really get cranking how we wanted but yeah, no we had our ads running for some fitness businesses and we've been getting applications in for them consistently, which was awesome. Would we recommend the program for others or not and why? Yeah, I definitely recommend the program for other people. Like I said for us, it was more we already had our business in place, we weren't starting a new business, we were just trying to dial things in more than anything and yeah, if you're looking to improve your Facebook advertising, if you're a coach or a consultant then it's definitely something I recommend. Awesome. See you soon, bye.