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  • Location: Norcross, GA, United States
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Luciana was originally very confused and unclear about her career path. Once enrolling in the program she determined it to be life changing due to the clarity and direction she received.


Hello. My name is . I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I originally am from Europe. I bought Sam Ovens' program in 2016, August 2016, and it was a total life changer. So far, I closed one client. I used to teach school, I'm still teaching school part-time, but life was very confusing in terms of what I wanted to do, in terms of my own business and becoming my own boss. After buying Sam's program, it was easy to follow even it was a learning curve. Definitely I learned a lot because I didn't know too much about digital marketing in general or marketing actually. So, yes, life was pretty confusing and I didn't know where to get the right information. I feel that Sam put together a very well program and he's very well organized. Definitely Sam's program changed my life very good and I told already to three or four of my friends about this program and how exciting it is.