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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Nutrition
  • Location: Caldwell, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Juana was a college student working a 9-5 job trying to provide for school and pay bills. Right now she's still taking the program and she's learning a lot. She's excited about the results and moving into a different phase in her life.


Hi, my name is Juana Garcin. I'm from Caldwell, TX and I've tried Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator program. Before the program, I was a college student. I was working a nine to five job. I was having a very hard time in that job, trying to provide for school and pay bills. So right now, I'm taking the Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator program, and it is amazing. I'm just learning so many different things, and I'm really trying to put myself out there. It takes a lot of courage and determination, a lot of motivation, but I'm excited to get the results. I haven't completed it, so I'm excited to be able to have a secondary financial income, or even have this as my full time job, where I can work from home and raise a family. So, yeah, I would definitely recommend this to a friend and anybody who wants secondary income or wants this as their job, I would definitely recommend this.