4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facilities
  • Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Anthony is working with Consulting Accelerator and is actively looking on landing his first big deal. He recommends the program to others.


Hello everyone with the consulting accelerator community. My name is Anthony Padilla. I'm from Long Beach, California, and I just want to take this time to give you a brief description of my experience with Sam Ovens' program. Before I started, I'm still in the same field. I'm in the mental health field working as a counselor, working with at risk youth. I've been doing that for over four years. I got to a point in my career where I just want something new and fresh. I wanted, like, a different opportunity kind of get me away from working from client to client. I was searching for something, looking around, getting interested more in business, and Sam Ovens' program just came along the way, and it got me curious, interested. I, like anything, checked it out, did research, and I learned that this is something I need to do. I joined the program, and doing that whole process, Sam does a great job explaining everything and teaching you more than anything, how to focus and find their niche. That is the most important thing, become an expert at it. I decided to go for the mental health field, and specifically in the niche is drug rehabilitation programs. After the program that I experienced, just got my brain going of what possibilities, opportunities are out there. I did my research, getting different books. Being in the field, I talked to different professionals and just really boost my confidence, and finally started making calls and strategy sessions. Recently, I had one call a couple days ago, and he's all the way in Austin, Texas, he has three programs out there in Houston, he has Austin, and also he has San Antonio. We're going to have our second session call, and he's going to bring us to co-work in with him to really finalize things. Hopefully, fingers crossed that can be my first client right there. More than anything, for people out there considering it, definitely do it. If this something you want to do, Sam Ovens' program is worth it and something you can trust. The information he gives you is simple, straight to the point, and easy to apply. It works. I've tried it already, and I'm seeing results, I'm thrilled. It makes me want to go more and more, so to all y'alls thinking about it, go for it. Thank you.