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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: DM
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mike had a pretty good life before Accelerator. However, once he joined his mindset changed. The program was immersive and in depth. He now has been able to quit his job and has a clear focus on what he needs to do.


Hey, guys. How's it going? My name is Mike, and I'm calling from Melbourne in Australia. Just a little testimonial about the consulting course. Life before the consulting course was good. I was working a job, but Sam's course really helped me develop my mindset, getting into the right frame of mind, changed my perspective on thinking about certain situations, and how to really think about business and life in general. During the course, I mean, it was just immersive all the time. Consistently, just every module, you gain so much knowledge from. And that was clear from right from the get-go about how in-depth Sam's knowledge is. You could see that straight away. Going through the course, and after the course now, I've been able to quit my job. Now I'm getting ... It's just more the mindset thing, like going into each day with a clear focus and a clear goal coming out of it. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone, even just for the mindset part of anyone looking to make an additional income on the side or get something going full-time. I would definitely recommend it.