5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Mental Health
  • Location: Pleasant Grove, UT, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the Consulting Accelerator, Scott was looking to get started on his own servicing a niche. He has found massive value in the course and values Sam's commitment to making his product awesome. He recommends anybody on the fence to get started.


Hey guys. Scott Marshall here, in Utah, in the United States. Wanted to give a quick testimonial review of Sam Ovens incredible accelerator program. I joined the community, maybe, six to eight months ago, and was super excited. Where I was at before I got in the program, I was building marketing funnels for coaches and consultants as an employee in an agency type setting. And I really wanted to go out on my own, especially so that I could serve a certain niche. So, when I went through the training, probably the two most helpful modules were the mindset training, and then picking my niche. Those are decisions. Major decisions. And whoever can help you to make those decisions clearly and with the experience and expertise that Sam has ... I mean, that's worth, really, any price. So, for me, that was tremendous. It helped me choose my niche, get my first client within two months, and then in the process of working with that client, it's just really changed my mindset and my life. The biggest thing that I can say is most inspiring about Sam and his program is not necessarily just what he teaches, but his commitment and his passion for the contribution that he's making in the world. I don't know anybody else that's more committed to the quality of their products, and to the community in helping them than Sam. And that's been a real inspiration for me. Because it's always an indirect path to success. You know, I thought I was just gonna be a coaching consultant to help people market their therapy practices, but I've actually come to understand better the kind of contribution I really want to leave in the world, and that's gonna be actually helping people with their mental help. So there's a reason I like that niche, but it's because I want to become one. So, thanks Sam, for that. Super helpful. If anybody is on the fence about getting his Consulting Accelerated program, I would absolutely say, "Do it." There's not another way I would recommend becoming a consultant. He's gonna save you years and years of frustration, and it really is gonna set you up to help you understand and believe what's truly possible. So, thanks guys. Thanks Sam. Really appreciate it.