5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

"The customer loved the Facebook add and mindest training. Customer expresses he was a serial procrastinator and now after the training he is constantly striving to be productive and highly recommends the course and states ""you can't put a price on mindest"" and the vaule you get from the course. "


Hey guys, my name's Donald Dang. I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Today I want to talk about the consulting accelerator. What was I like before this? I was an electrical engineering student at the University of Ottawa. I still am, and my mindset was very weak. I was a serial procrastinator, like every other student, usually, and I'd often, when things got hard, I'd procrastinate, wait till the last minute and then panic. What's life like during the program? During the program, what do I think about it? During the program, I think one of the most important things in entrepreneurship, in anything in life, is mindset. I think Sam goes over it very very well, and Facebook ads. I think that's one of the best trainings I've ever seen. It's very straightforward considering I've never done anything in sales. I've never done anything in marketing, and it's very easy to follow even for someone who's pretty much a newbie at marketing and sales and entrepreneurship. After the program, what's life like? Where do I start? My mindset's changed completely. Not only am I constantly taking action, but things have been starting to look up for me now. In fact, I've gotten a few leads that I'm hoping to transform into strategy sessions, considering I picked a new niche just a few days ago, taking constant action, I've already gotten around two leads in three days, which I think is really good. Do I recommend the program? Absolutely. Yes, it is expensive, considering when you transfer it to my current currency, it goes out to around almost 3,000 dollars, but I think cost alone, it's the stuff you're getting in the program that's invaluable. It's worth much more than 3,000 dollars. You can't put a price on mentality, you can put a price on mindset, and I highly recommend it.