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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Neuroscience
  • Location: Chico, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Bee and Evelyn have been working with Consulting Accelerator to start building their non-profit business and changing their perspective on social media. They have been able to target their niche and start generating revenue in the business.


Hey it's Bea Smith. Evelyn Torres: And Evelyn Torres from California, USA. Bea Smith: We thought you'd like to hear a little bit about our story. Mainly because we want to encourage you and your business adventure online. Evelyn Torres: The consulting accelerator program is changing our perspective about social media. Bea Smith: And specifically, how Sam Ovens' consulting accelerator educates us to plan, to project, and to execute online social marketing strategies to propel us in our work to help other people through neuro science. Evelyn Torres: Formally, our non profit organization traditionally operated in old school methods, distributing business cards, word of mouth, and snail mail. It was taking forever. Bea Smith: Yep. You're right. We failed really well. Then afterwards, we heard about Sam's awesome strategic business methods through consulting accelerator and we committed to Sam and his team and moved forward. Evelyn Torres: As an international business, consulting accelerator polished our niche and content in the global perspective, carrying our new clients long term. We are now operating more efficiently and effectively. Bea Smith: Our brains plus our clients' brains are like wireless technology, snapping, buzzing, connecting strong and smart. Your journey, like ours, can grasp a bright future with Sam's consulting accelerator. We are so glad we did. Thank you Sam Ovens. Evelyn Torres: Thank you Sam Ovens, and thank you consulting accelerator team. Bea Smith: And thank you consulting accelerator team.