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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Spa
  • Location: Indialantic, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

MaryAnn was pondering the idea of becoming a consultant. She was unsure how to go about that and joined Consulting Accelerator as a result. She has found the mindset training to be extremely valuable and is building her confidence & self-esteem every single day.


Hi this is Grace Power and I'm in Sam Ovens Consulting Program right now and just wanted to do a testimonial of how that's been working for me, and basically before I signed up I had been pondering the idea of becoming a consultant. I had success in my own business and thought that I could help other people with their salons and spas. I'm an aesthetician so that was my background. But I just didn't really know how to go about it, I had written a book, but I wanted to do more consulting and help estheticians or salon owners have success like I had and so I went ahead and just decided to jump into Sam's course. It sort of came across my path and I kept being pulled to it. So I jumped in and I'm so glad I did. I just feel like now I have the pathway paved for me, and I know how to make this work as a business. I know how to create a consulting business just by going through his trainings and I also wanted to just say how helpful the Mindset Training has been for me and I'm still really implementing that part into my life on a daily basis. Sam provides some great affirmations that I've been using to brainwash myself and build my confidence and build my self esteem and just build a new identity of myself so that I have more confidence in helping other people and more confidence in how to promote myself to other people as a consultant. So that part has been really helpful and it's just really fun to shoot for the stars. Sam really has his students set their goals high because he knows that they can reach it, and it's true, so thank you, Sam. That's all I'm going to say for now, I'm still in the program so still more to come. Hopefully I'll be doing another testimonial in the future. Have a good day.