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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dental
  • Location: Redlands, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gol was unsure of what to do to get out of her debt and finding the financial freedom she needed. She joined the program as a way to start to break free. She learned a ton of business during the program and was able to connect with other successful people . After completing the program she has been able to shift her views and become more positive.


Hi, my name is , and I'm from LA. Life before getting the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator, I guess there was a lot of financial stress that I had. Lot of debt, and just kind of being a little bit apathetic about it, not really knowing what to do and not seeing any solution of getting out of it and being able to be debt free and having the financial freedom that I needed. So when I ran across the program I really felt like this was something that we could use, something I could do and something that would let be break away and be free from all that financial stress that I had. It seemed like this was a genuine program and it was actually something for real this time, not just all these other things you run across. While doing the program, I learned so much from all different angles, from sales, to marketing, to lead generation, all that other stuff and was able to connect with and see all these other successful people and just really join in and be part of a team that's growing and succeeding and doing well, and making those huge accomplishments in their business, and financially that you don't see elsewhere. After going through the program, I feel like I was able to kind of shift my views and operate in a new level that, in like in a positive way, that now I'm going towards and going in the right direction and kind of bringing my life back up financially and just business-wise. So I really appreciate it and I definitely recommend Sam's program to people that ... I mean it's perfect for anybody that already has a small business, or a consulting business. Of course that's probably the best thing anyone could have that has , but even if they, someone doesn't have that, just tools and things that he has in the program for anybody that wants to grow their own business, I think it's really great and I would definitely recommend it.