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  • Niche: Physical Therapists
  • Location: Montclair, NJ, United States
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Dmitriy came across this course while looking for a second source of income. The course changed his mental in regards to what it takes to run a business and how to make it sustainable. He found the mindset and sales training the most valuable. He is currently still going through the course, but he has been profitable while still learning.


Hi, there. This is . I want to take a couple of minutes and share my story with you. My story's a little different from the stories that you hear most of the time in running a successful, almost seven-figure business. I was looking for a way to find another business or start another business to bring a second source of income to my family and came across this course, and immediately realized that Sam is for real and he knows what he's teaching about and he can get the results. This course changed the way I approached the business and changed the way I think about being successful. He teaches you about the mental state that you need to be in. He teaches you how to be in the right state of mind. That, to me, is, I think, is the most important part of having a successful business. It does take work, hard work and dedication to have your business up and running, but to have your business sustainable and be up for a long, long time, you have to be in the right mindset. That's what this course is all about. It does give you some other information, and the information is very useful on the sales and on the finals and everything, but mindset information, the mindset part to it is, I think, is the best. I've been looking for other courses for mindset, and I think there's nothing out there that even close come to what Sam's teaching in the course. If you're on the fence and if you're thinking about whether to get it or not, this mindset part of the course is just worth every penny that you invested in there. If you take what Sam teaches you there and implement it for yourself, in your business, even though if you're not going to get the business out of it, but just being in the right mindset is, to me, worth every penny. I highly recommend you get into the course and just going through it and implementing.