5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kassie has been working through Consulting Accelerator and has enjoyed the step-step layout of the program. She is inspired and motivated to keep working through the program and is confident that her life will be extremely different in the coming months. She recommends anybody looking to get ahead to take the course.


Hi. I'm Cassie from Auckland, New Zealand, Sam's hometown. I'm doing the consulting accelerator program at the moment. I registered in January and I've been slowly chipping away and coming back to it. I'm really getting into it at the moment. I'm a single mom and I've previously had businesses and done consulting. So far, I haven't quite made my own success yet. I joined up after I watched the webinar of the program and I was immediately convinced that this was going to be the right thing for me. What struck me most from the webinar was how much detail, how comprehensive the course was. It was exactly what I was looking for. I've previously done different programs for entrepreneurs, traveled overseas to complete them, and I must say they were very generalist and they did not have nearly the level of content and detail and practical steps. It was all very top-line, airy fairy concepts that were designed to get people excited and that was it, but Sam's you actually go through the steps. He takes you through the steps and you know what you're doing even if you've not done it before. Where I'm at now, is I'm currently working through the program. I've just done the mindset training and it was amazing. I feel very inspired and motivated and I think about this program everyday. While I haven't had the results yet to show, because I haven't completed through it at the moment, I know that in a couple of months my life will be much different once I have harnessed everything that I have learned and put it into practice and I'm intending to see Sam in New York once I've made my six figures. For anyone that is thinking about doing this, if you want to be an entrepreneur and get ahead then do Sam's course. This is the best decision that I've ever made. I'm learning so much and I'm so excited. I know you won't regret it. Thanks.