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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Health & Wellness
  • Location: Harrison Township, MI, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Jim had spent a lot of time and money looking for the ""golden nugget"" to help him. He couldn't wait to get to each module fired up and has found it to be a complete game-changer. "


Hi my name is Jim Oswala. I'm from Michigan. Before I started Sam's program I tried a lot of different things online, looked at a lot of different things and spent thousands and thousands and thousands, probably tens of thousands of dollars looking for the information that Sam gives in this program. Before his program, it was like flopping around looking for that golden nugget that was out there. During the program, Sam's program was laid out so well that it was, it was absolutely unbelievable. It was like every single time you'd go through a module, you'd be like, "What's the next thing that has to happen?" It was almost like I couldn't wait to get to the next module. It was almost like Christmas morning. It was done so well that it was so easy to follow laid out to you step by step by step that if you followed the steps you can't fail. As I went through this it was like, even the Facebook information that he gives, it was just like, "Wow, no one ever put it to me that way." I spent a lot of time and money on those type of things, then even his video sales letter and all the stuff that he goes out with, the automation of all the things, it was just ... It's such a robust program. I'd say 'No stone left unturned' is almost an understatement. He over delivers with this program. It's absolutely amazing. It has allowed me to get qualified clients, get them started into a program and it's been actually a complete game changer. Doing this program is an absolute no brainer. I've seen a ton of different things over the last five years. I've, like I said, spent tens of thousands of dollars and all I can say is Sam's program has been the absolute best, hands down, money spent, it's worth ten times the investment.