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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentist
  • Location: HOUSTON, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Germaine joined the program with little knowledge of online businesses. During the program she learned tons of information, her confidence level has increase and she feels prepared to move forward. She recommends the program to anybody who has does not have experience.


Hi, I'm , from Texas. I bought Sam Ovens' program a few months ago. Before I bought the program, I knew very little about online marketing and training, and online businesses and how to set it up, and so because I was interested in learning about it, I bought Sam's program. During the program, during the training of the program, I learned a lot of information. My confidence increased tremendously. I became more familiar, more comfortable, with the information and the content. A lot of things began to make sense. Now that I am finished with the program with the first, I should say the first go-ahead, the first go-through with the program, I keep reviewing the program, and as I do, I keep getting a better understanding. My confidence level has gone up and I feel prepared to move forward. So I would really recommend and highly recommend that program to anyone who has not had any experience, or who actually has an existing business and wants to get the training.