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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Lawyers
  • Location: Philadelphia, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Bryan was running a business and his industry was shifting rapidly. He was searching for a new way to generate leads. He found the Facebook training to be the most valuable and it helped put his message out their to his market in unique ways. He recommends it to others looking to get started an grow their business.


Hey everybody, my name is Brian and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I just want to take a few minutes of your time and talk to you about Sam Ovens' course. The Consulting Accelerator is the course I signed up for. Before that course, we had been in business for about 13 years and in our industry, we experienced a dramatic shift in how we could acquire leads and the competition and the commoditization of our industry made it really difficult to get leads so were looking for a new way to do so. I found Sam's course, signed up for it immediately, took it and while I was blown away by a lot of the early content around mindset and around goal planning and goal setting, we really benefited from the Facebook training and all the tools and resources that Sam gives to you in this course. To us, the Facebook training and the funnel training was worth every penny that we spent on it. It really opened up our eyes to a new way to reach our customers, to find our audience and to communicate with them and put our message in front of them in a new way that's really helped us solidify our company in that realm of social media, which we never really got into before other than organic postings. We've been able to implement the same strategies to two of our clients that we have, and help them garner new leads and things like that, so it's been really good for us. It's been a great program and I highly recommend it to anybody who's looking to get help with growing their business.