5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Mortgage
  • Location: Bothell, WA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Before joining the program Tyler always believed there was something more to his life. Going through the program Tyler has found it extremely helpful and has gained confidence in his ability to communicate his services. He highly recommends joining the program, ""Why wait? Start now"". "


Hi, my name is Ty Dow and I live in Seattle. Before joining the Consulting Accelerator Program with Sam, I always believed that there was something more I can do with my life, I just didn't know how. My life had lots of ups and downs. My job history is a good example. I've had cutbacks, company mergers, or even just short term contract positions that, I was actually looking for a way to have a stable income. When I first saw Sam's video, he was speaking to me. He had lived the same exact life that I'd been going through. And so knowing that he's been here and he can change things, that means I can change things as well. Of course, before the webinar even finished, I joined. Going through the program has been really helpful. He makes it really easy, you just follow the steps. He's given us knowledge, tips, and even examples to use with our clients. Before, I was always nervous about calling people, asking them, it's like, "What's their biggest issues? What's their daily frustrations?" But Sam has that in the program and I've been following the script and it's been so much easier talking with clients. I know that because of the program, I've gained so much more confidence. Knowing that, I can reach my dreams. I never thought I could actually do certain things and now I can. So, if you're ever thinking about joining the program, why wait? Start now. Thanks.