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  • Level: Making Money
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  • Location: Houston, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Going through the Consulting Accelerator, Ashley was able to gain clarity on what was holding her back. She was able to better develop her pricing structure and land paying clients for her business. And she hasn't even completed the course yet!


Hi. I am Ashley D. Harris, founder of Behind the Numbers financial consulting. I want to say that I signed up for the Consulting Accelerator Program. It's been a couple of months now. I didn't, first and foremost, get off into it when I first purchased it. I will say, just going through the lessons, it really helped me to gain clarity. Not only gain clarity, but really realize some of the things that were keeping me away from reaching the success that I was destined to have in my ... That I am destined to have in my business, from looking at and really honing in on my ideal client, my target market, because a lot of times, as new business owners, we think that we can service everyone. Really and truly, there is a sweet spot that we should seek to work with. It also helped me to better develop my pricing structure. Once I got down who I'm going to be working with, my ideal client, it actually got me to developing my pricing structure and just not only my pricing structure, but also my scripts and what I say, how I say it, when I'm trying to close a sale and things like that. I will say just from putting into place some of those strategies and doing the work, I have not 100% completed the course, but I am still plowing through it as I can. To this point, I have seen some results, okay? I have seen results, and I have experienced some successes. Everything is a learning process. It's just all a process in itself. I honestly want to say Sam Ovens, you are great for providing us with this program. Looking forward to more.